Find The Right Talent With The Kolbe Index

September 4, 2023

Entrepreneurs and business owners, how do you decide whether your candidate is a good fit for the roles that you are hiring?

Imagine that you are hiring a new Head of Accounting for your company. You have three excellent candidates with stellar achievements, making it tough to choose based on objective criteria alone.

Since this role requires working with complex data and numbers, good analytical and problem-solving skills are required. 

You need a tool that quantifies skill sets and personal traits to find the best fit for the role, and the Kolbe A™ Index assessment is the right tool for the job!

What is the Kolbe A™ Index?

A productive and cohesive workplace requires diverse talents for better collaboration and to spark innovation.

The Kolbe A™ Index helps uncover individuals' unique talents and preferred approaches to taking action to help you find the right people for your business.

It is a unique test that contains 36 questions to measure the instinctive ways you do things when you can utilize your talents freely. Unlike other conventional tests, it does not measure intelligence or personality. It is the only validated assessment that measures a person’s cognitive strengths, with a test outcome called your MO (method of operation). 

Business owners and team managers can utilize personalized Kolbe A™ Index Results to identify talent and assemble a high-performing team.

Revealing The Hidden Mind With Kolbe Wisdom™

The human mind can create wonders. 

From a scientific perspective, many doctors and psychologists have studied the two kinds of theory of mind representations: cognitive (mental states, beliefs, and thoughts) and affective (emotions of others).

But the Kolbe A™ Index theorizes a third mind — the conative mind — which is the hidden key to improving human performance.

  1. Cognitive

This part of your mind represents "intelligence." It expands as you gain knowledge and keeps evolving as you grow wiser. Taking IQ tests to evaluate intelligence is pretty common, but you'll notice these tests only capture a fraction of your real capacity to learn, remember, and recollect information.

  1. Affective

A person’s affective strengths lie in their ability to effectively convey their emotions. Tests like the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator gauge your responses to situations and provide you with a "personality type". Similar to your thinking abilities, your emotional traits change and adapt based on your experiences and situations.

  1. Conative

Your conative mind contains the instincts and innate attributes that define your natural method of operation (MO). When you work in your style, you're more efficient and accomplished. The Kolbe A™ Index uncovers your instinctive strengths to see how they fit with tasks and people, and provides practical solutions to use them better — whether it's for career progression or for better personal relationships.

Identify Your Traits With Kolbe’s Four Action Modes®

To quote Aristotle, “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”.

Whether you are looking to develop your own or your team’s potential, it is crucial to understand one’s strengths and weaknesses.

Discover your main strengths that fuel your actions through the Kolbe A™ Index! It covers 12 Kolbe Strengths™ grouped into 4 Action Modes®. Let’s discover the importance of each mode and what a score in each means:

  1. Fact Finder: This mode measures how a person gathers and shares information to begin your problem-solving process or make decisions. 

  1. Follow Thru: This mode indicates how a person organizes and designs by following structures and processes. 

  1. Quick Start: This mode measures how a person deals with risks and uncertainty through innovating, experimenting, or improvising.

  1. Implementor: This mode identifies how a person handles space and tangibles through physical effort or coming up with solutions.

Why should working professionals take the Kolbe A™ Index test?

  • Discover your talents: The test will reveal your instinctive talents to help you understand how you naturally approach tasks.
  • Optimize productivity: Double your productivity at work by recognizing your unique method of operation.
  • Gain greater work satisfaction: Understanding your innate attributes will help you avoid tasks that might cause unnecessary stress.
  • Improve team dynamics: Understand and leverage each other’s strengths to foster collaboration.
  • Advance your career: Align your career choices with your strengths to achieve your goals quicker.

How can the Kolbe A™ Index test help managers build a high-performing team?

  • Improved team dynamics: You can build teams with complementary strengths for better collaboration and synergy.
  • Enhanced decision-making: You understand your team members' natural tendencies that can speed up decision-making processes.
  • Increased productivity: Leverage individuals' innate strengths to improve work performance and efficiency.
  • Positive work environment: Match roles and tasks with team members’ talents to reduce stress and frustration at work.
  • Personalized coaching: Optimize individual and team performance for business growth through tailored coaching according to the test outcomes. 

A Kolbe Test For Your Every Need

Whether it is improving interpersonal relationships or family ties, taking a Kolbe test can give you the guidance you need to embark on a life-changing journey.

  • KOLBE A™ Index

It reveals individuals' distinct talents and preferred styles of working, which helps you hire the right candidates for your business.

It measures an individual's perception of their own job responsibilities. By contrasting the outcomes of Kolbe A™ and Kolbe B, individuals can identify where they might be working against their inherent strengths and capabilities.

It measures the functional expectations of a specific position. By comparing Kolbe A & Kolbe C results, you can uncover how well a person’s strengths match the job requirements and pinpoint areas of conative stress.

Design for you and your family, the Kolbe Y Index identifies your children’s talents and strengths with the Student Aptitude Quiz.

The Kolbe R Index identifies what you’re looking for in personal relationships. It’s designed to measure how you’d like your ideal partner to take action.


The future depends on what you do today.

Whether for personal career progression or building a strong foundation for business success, you should utilize the wisdom of the Kolbe Index Test to achieve greater success!

Let’s embark on a journey of growth together with the help of a professional business coach, e-learning materials, and strengths-based frameworks that provide actionable steps. Check out our Circularity Me Package to provide you and your team with the tools you need!

Book a discovery session with our Kolbe Certified™ business coach to learn more.

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