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Scale up and achieve your business goals without making
sacrifices in your personal life.

Strengths-based Approach
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Customized Business Strategy

What is it costing you to grow your business?

As an entrepreneur, the one thing you want the most is to see your business thrive.

However, what kind of sacrifice have you made in effort to grow and scale your business?

Here are some of the things that you might have sacrificed for your business:

Time for your family, friends, and yourself

Health and mental wellbeing

Money and standards of living

Reputation and relationships

Freedom and happiness

Scale Your Business with the Right Guide

Discover new ways to overcoming the limitations that prevent you from completing your ambitious business vision without sacrificing your freedom.


Improved Business


Positive Team


Your 3-step Plan To Scaling Up Your Business

Deep dive into your business

Figure out how your business is currently doing and the areas of improvement to work on

Plan, implement, and monitor progress

We'll set goals, implement changes, and refine our approach until we reach your intended goals.

Reach success and freedom

Achieve your business goals without having to sacrifice your freedom and wellbeing.

We also provide

Individual Coaching

Scale up your business with the right SPECs and give yourself the freedom to remove yourself from working IN the business and focus on working ON the business.

Team Coaching

Scale up your business faster by aligning your team with your vision. With the right tools tools, proven process, and aligned strategies, you and your team can achieve extraordinary results.


Accelerate your scaling up process by aligning your team with the principles of Scaling Up and Business Made Simple. Learn new tools and methods to measure key metrics, allowing you to make better data-driven decisions.

Professionally Trained & Certified

Tools & Assessments

Scaling Up

Scaling Up assessment helps you understand the scalability of your business by taking a look at your SPECs.

The assessment will also show how your business compares to your peers and highlights the growth areas that you will need to focus on to accelerate your scaling up process.

Business Made Simple

Business Made Simple assessment report takes a look at your business like an airplane.

This assessment allows Maxim to detect which areas (leadership, sales, product, cashflow, etc) of your business requires optimization in order to make it run more smoothly and become more profitable.

Hear From Those Who Have Successfully Accelerated Their Business

I love how Maxim asked questions that's straight to the core of my problems, and guided my to find my own answers. I love how Maxim simplifies and guides me through knowing my strategy and which strategy to prioritize.
Felicia Regina
Founder of Mirael
Maxim gives me clarity. I love how each step we filled in came together into a strategy.
Claudia Sastrawidjaja

Business growth starts with your team

In order to scale up, you need your team to have a deep understanding of your business as a whole.

A holistic understanding of the business will allow them to find purpose in their contribution for your company—thus making them more motivated to give their best.

Additionally, they will see the correlation between each department. They will know what key metrics to measure and how they can make measurable improvements that will allow the business to grow.

You need your team to be on the same page while facing the complexities of growth. Enroll your team today and discover what you can achieve together with the right guidance.

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